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T   H    E        A    R    T       O    F        T    H    E       R    U    G

                       History of handmade rugs.

                                                              The rug was discovered by a Siberian
                                                              archaeologist in 1949 on the borders of    ALEXANDER THE GREAT BECAME
                                                              Siberia and Outer Mongolia and had been    SO ENAMOURED OF PERSIAN RUGS
                                                              preserved in perpetual ice. It is thought   IN 334BC THAT HE MADE AN ORDER
                                                              that grave robbers broke into the tomb     THAT ALL RUG WEAVERS WERE TO
                                                              shortly after the burial and had stolen    BE SPARED AND FOLLOW HIS ARMY
                                                              gold and jewels, but they did not replace   SO THAT THEY MAY CONTINUE
                                                              the grave-stones properly and this allowed   THEIR CRAFT.
                                                              water to seep in, which in turn froze and
                                                              preserved everything in the tomb. The rug   those in Konya and Caesarea (now called
                                                              was made from sheep’s wool which was    Kayseri) as “the most perfect carpets in the
                                                              dyed using plants and insects, it was a rust   world, woven in exquisite colours”. We have
                                                              red colour with gold and it measured 6’ x   virtually no practical examples of rugs made
                       The Pazyryk rug, the oldest known rug. Photo   6’6” with 232 knots to the square inch.
                       courtesy of The Hermitage Museum.                                              in the 14th and 15th century, however,
                                                              The pattern is made up of a grid of 24   painters have presented us with wonderful
                       Nobody knows exactly when hand-        squares in the middle with a snowflake   records of art depicting rugs.
                       made rug weaving really began but      design and a border of griffin type, mythical
                       the oldest known rug is hanging in     animals, another border of fallow deer and
                       the Hermitage museum in Leningrad.     the main border features men on horseback.
                       The Pazyryk rug has been accurately
                       carbon dated back to the 5th century BC.
                       It belonged to a Scythian Prince and was
                       buried in the tomb with him when he died.

                         IT IS SAID THAT CLEOPATRA WAS
                         BROUGHT TO CAESAR WRAPPED IN
                         AN ORIENTAL CARPET!

                                                                                                      The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the Younger.
                            The Pazyryk rug
                       has been accurately                    The next oldest pieces that we are aware of   PLATO WAS RECOGNISED AS HAVING
                                                              are in the museum of Islamic arts in Istanbul
                                                                                                         ONE OF HISTORY’S MOST FABULOUS
                       carbon dated back to                   and date from the 13th century. These are   COLLECTIONS OF ORIENTAL RUGS.
                                                              noted by Marco Polo 1271 and are mainly
                       the 5th century BC.                    drawn from the mosques. He described


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