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1960 - 2020

                                                               The first-floor
                    THE TOMB OF CYRUS THE GREAT
                    WHO WAS KING OF PERSIA IN THE        coverings for Nomadic
                    6TH CENTURY WAS COVERED IN           tribesmen were
                    PATTERNS ON BOTH SIDES.              animal skins, but then
                                                         it was discovered that
                                                         wool, when wet and
                                                         trodden, turned in to

                                                         a primitive type of felt
                                                         and when you dropped
                                                         berries onto the wool,

                                                         tread them in, it
                                                         changed the colour.
                                                         This was thought to be
                                                         the creation of the rug.

                                                         The 16th century became the golden age
                                                         of carpet weaving with Shah Abbas in Iran
                                                         making Isfahan his capital and making
                                                         it one of the wonders of the east. He set
                                                         up court factories, built up special flocks
                                                         of sheep and set out plantations for the
                                                         propagation of plants for the dyes and
                                                         collected the best artists in the country.
                                                         The best example of this age is the famous
                                                         Ardebil carpet which now hangs in the
                                                         Victoria and Albert museum in London.
                 The famous Ardebil carpet, size; 34.5ft x 17.5ft.
                 Anatolian rugs were depicted in painting
                 by people such as Lotto and Holbein.
                 Rugs gradually made their way into Europe   RICHARD THE LION HEART
                 from the east via Venice and Genoa. Late   BROUGHT ORIENTAL RUGS TO
                 Medieval and early Renaissance paintings in   WESTERN EUROPE AS PRIZES OF
                 Italy depict rugs draped over tables, thrones   THE CRUSADES.
                 and balconies.


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