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O    U    R       H    I   S    T    O    R   Y

                       How it all began.

                       In 1960 Jack Jennings opened a carpet   of Spanish rugs and even some embroidered
                       shop in the small market town of       felt Kashmiri rugs called Numdah. To help
                       Tewkesbury. Jack was born in Bristol   Jack in the early years he had a manager
                       and from a young age always had a      and 2 carpet fitters.
                       passion for things from the East.

                       Some might question why Tewkesbury?
                       The shop, built in 1470, was situated in the
                       centre of the town opposite the main post                                      Margaret was involved with various local projects.
                       office and so was in a good location and                                       and so the carpet shop became a rug shop.
                       the town was set to expand with a lot of                                       Jack used to give talks to various groups of
                       new housing and industrial estates.                                            people and raise money for local charities,
                       The motorways were being built linking                                         and so after his operation he roped his
                       north to south and making travel easier.                                       daughter Clare in to helping him. It was only
                       Originally this was very much a shop selling                                   by holding up the rugs and listening to Jack
                       all kinds of flooring from fitted carpets to                                   speaking about the history, the construction,
                       vinyls, tiles etc. and even curtains in the                                    the design etc. that Clare realised that this
                       early days. We stocked some good quality   In 1988 Clare started working with the family.   was actually an interesting subject.
                       machine-made rugs, Wilton and Woodward   As the business grew the shop started to   In January 1988 Clare started working for the
                       Grosvenor etc. with a few hand-made    sell a wider range of hand-made rugs which   family business. Knowing nothing about the
                       Persian rugs. The selection in those days   included traditional Indian rugs and the   rugs initially, it was very much a question
                       also included sheepskins, jute rugs, a range   beautiful carved Chinese Superwashed.  of listening, reading, learning and handling
                                                                                                      them every day.
                                                              In 1980 Jack injured his back and was
                                                              confined to bed for over 12 months. This was   Margaret and Jack took an active role in the
                                                              the turning point, now Jack’s wife Margaret   town by joining different groups. Jack was in
                                                              decided to help with the business, as it was   Rotary for many years, later Clare followed
                                                              very much sink or swim time. Eventually Jack   in his footsteps. Both were active in the
                                                              went to Oswestry for spinal surgery in 1981.   town and Jack became a friend and governor
                                                              The rug side of the business was taking   of the Alderman Knight school for children
                                                              off nicely and Margaret was responsible to   with special needs. Margaret was involved
                                                              taking the business to a new level by starting   with various projects like the local Chamber
                                                              to advertise nationally. Her philosophy was   of Commerce and very much involved with
                                                              “no point in having 500 rugs here and not   organising the hanging basket scheme for
                                                              telling people” Following Jacks operation it   the town and the Christmas light scheme
                                                              was obvious that his fitting days were over   (real Christmas trees and white lights,
                       Jack in his element... surrounded by rugs!                                     creating a Victorian theme).


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