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1960 - 2020

                                                         Jack travelled extensively in Asia and the   Clare started going to Pakistan and visiting
                                                         Middle East to places such as Turkey, Egypt,   Lahore and Peshawar in the Northwest
                                                         Jordan, Israel, Syria, Iran, the Caucasus,   frontier to see where and how these rugs
                                                         Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.  were being made. It wasn’t long before
                                                                                                a new fundraising campaign began.
                                                         Turkey was the first Asian country that Clare   Initially she was transferring funds to an
                                                         visited as a child in 1974. The fact that   organisation which assisted orphaned
                                                         she was dragged around carpet museums   children in Lahore. Whilst travelling through
                                                         and archaeological sites didn’t go down   different parts of Pakistan she was able to
                                                         particularly well at the time. In the mid   visit some of the weavers living in Afghan
                                                         80’s there was a real boom in rug weaving   refugee camps and helped support them
                                                         in Turkey and Jennings had rugs from more   by purchasing essential things like clean
                                                         than 15 different areas. By the early 1990’s   drinking water units and 20kg sacks of flour.
                                                         Clare started buying in Turkey and realised
                                                         how beautiful the country is and how   The year 1998 saw Jennings expand and
                                                         the people are very welcoming. There is   not just the waistline!!! The little shop was
                                                         something very magical about Istanbul and   bursting at the seams and could no longer
                                                         skyline dotted with mosques and minarets   cope with the increasing number of rugs and
                                                         and where East meets West. Around this   carpets and so after jumping through lots
                                                         time the Chinese and Indian market became   of hoops with the planning committee and
                                                         under threat, there was a price war between   the archaeologists they had a lovely new
                                                         the two countries and the cheaper inferior   extension put on the back of the building.
                                                         qualities were being sold so we decided   Shortly after this time Jack stood back from
                                                         not to stock them anymore. Interestingly by   the business completely and Clare took sole
                                                         the mid 90’s we were seeing a new range   charge. It was also at this time that Clare
                                                         of rugs, Ziegler’s in open floral designs with   started broadening her horizons by visiting
                                                         pastel colours and bold geometric Kazak’s   India, with suppliers in Dehli, Agra, Jaipur
                                                         coming from Pakistan woven by Afghan   and Varanasi and also travelling to Iran.
                                                         weavers who had fled the Russian invasion   In 2005 northeast Pakistan experienced
                                                         (1979 – 1989).
                                                                                                at terrible earthquake which killed 79,000
                                                               Clare started                    people. Clare started a major fundraising
                                                                                                campaign as she had people available
                                                         broadening her                         that could get supplies sent up into
                                                                                                the mountains immediately to help the
                                                         horizons by                            desperate survivors. Clare’s newsletters

                                                         visiting India, with                   give a lot more detail, read them online at
                                                         suppliers in Dehli,                    The story continues in spite of the loss of
                                                         Agra, Jaipur and                       first Margaret and some 10 years later Jack.
                                                                                                Clare is confident that the spirit of them
                   Clare in downtown                     Varanasi.                              both remains firmly at the heart of this
                 Peshawar, North West                                                           business.
                    Frontier, Pakistan


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